Go Canes?

The minds of University of Miami students were on one thing Thursday: football. Then again, maybe not every single student…

Although it might have seemed as if all UM classes were checkerboards of orange and green, there were some students that donned their everyday clothes and had other things to worry about.

You are not alone!

In fact, in one specific lecture hall of about 80 students, more than 20 seemed uninterested in the game that evening. Does that make them lacking in school spirit? While some tailgating junkies may think being indifferent about your university’s football team is taboo, why should students who have never been fascinated by the sport all of a sudden act as if it’s the most exciting thing once they enter college?

There’s no need to fake your love. It’s okay to not like football and it’s completely acceptable not to skip your afternoon class to chug a few beers, splatter on some face paint and go scream until you sound like a pre-pubescent boy.

Let’s say you don’t like football, in fact: you don’t even know the difference between a pass and a kickoff, and when someone uses the acronym QB you think they just mispronounced QT (aka cutie). Don’t sweat it. There are others like you out there, and you won’t be chastised for not dressing up and getting pumped for the game.

Plus, it’s not like the Miami Hurricanes are number one (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/04/college-football-rankings-2010_n_703646.html#s133600).  So unless your team is the Alabama Crimson Tide, winners of the national championship last year, don’t knock yourself down for not dying your hair half orange and half green for every game that comes along.

There are plenty of other things to do, especially in Miami. For one, you can take this opportunity to go eat out somewhere that would usually be packed with fellow Canes. If you feel somewhat guilty about not being school-spirited, go to Stir Moon (http://stirmoon.com/) and get the Miami Hurricane Roll. Invite a friend to go shopping or to a movie. If people you know wish they could go to the game, invite them over and have a get together at your place: have the game playing in the background for those who want to see it and start up a separate conversation near the chip bowl for those who don’t. If the day’s nice, take a beach trip or go to a nearby pool. The list of Plan B’s is infinite, but the important thing is to find something YOU like.

The truth is, not everyone likes football and even though you might feel left out of the loop, there are plenty of others who would love to be out of that loop with you. College is a time to find yourself, to become an independent adult, so make your own decision because you only get four years in here anyway!

P.S. Just in case you don’t know the correct terminology and want to go to your first game before you graduate, here’s a website to skim over: http://www.firstbasesports.com/football_glossary.html


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