Get a taste of what Miami has to offer

Looking for a delicious meal that is sure to impress your date? Miami Spice is an annual restaurant promotion that takes place weekdays from August 1 to September 30. During these two months, Miami locals and visitors alike can enjoy three-course meals in some of Miami’s top restaurants for a lunch price of $22 or a dinner price of $35.

For some, that price-per-person may seem costly, but mind you that most of these restaurants serve entrees that are in the $20 range. This means that, for lunch, you would be getting an incredibly unique and delicious meal for the price of one plate.

I love going out to eat, and once I find a restaurant that suits my gastronomical fancy, I want to eat there as often as I can, even though my wallet is only so big. Miami Spice is a chance to experience a wide array of flavors from different ethnic cuisines, ranging from Spanish to Argentinean to Japanese.

One restaurant that I had been drooling over was Meat Market. Located on Lincoln Road, Meat Market oozes luxury with its Angus rib eye and perfectly broiled soufflés. The restaurant only offers the fixed-price menu for dinner, but your meal can include the likes of an Alaskan crab tail to start, Harris Ranch short ribs as a main course, and a milk chocolate panna cotta for dessert. So shell out that Benjamin Franklin and invite a lucky guest to dine at Meat Market this week.

On the other hand, some restaurants offer small-portioned meals that are not worth the price. Some of my favorite restaurants might be participating in Miami Spice, but their regular menu is much more worthwhile. These include: Graziano’s in both Brickell and Coral Gables, Novecento, Sugarcane (probably my favorite restaurant at the moment), Sushi Samba, China Grill, and Red Koi. The $35 dinner is supposed to mean a discount of 25-60%, but in reality the restaurant “discounts” the portion as well, so for example, Sugarcane’s regular menu offers small, tapas style plates from $5 to around $15, making personal selection much more worthwhile than a three-course meal.

A $50 dinner is an extravagance for most during this economy, but take your special someone on a romantic date night that will be hard to top before Miami Spice is gone.

P.S.  If you miss out on Miami Spice, make sure to dine at Sugarcane one of these days anyhow. The goat cheese croquets, Kobe beef sliders, raw jumbo shrimp, and torrejas (a type of French toast that is soaked in buttermilk and eggs for 24 hours, then pan seared and cooked in the oven with caramelized apples) are must haves!


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