Cubes of Earth & Water

Cubes, around 12 inches on each side, representing areas of our planet Earth were nestled in the blades of grass of the Great Lawn at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden Thursday September 23rd.

The cubes were part of a visual art installation named Earth & Water: Our Planet, Our Life. Created by PIAG Museum to spread awareness of the need to protect our planet, the works of art were at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden from September 19th to the 25th.

More than 20 artists depicted the Earth and water theme in a 3-dimensional cube format. They  included Paola Elorza, Peatriz Villegas, Milan Hajjar, Wahiba Nassim, Ingrid Espinal, Sabrina Philipp, Carla Fache, Pilar Rocha, Elisa Todd, Andrea Perez, and my mother, Marta Estrems.

The Earth and Water project was located at Pelican Island, Miami Dade Cultural Center and St Thomas University in 2008; Fairchild Tropical Garden and Epcot Disney in 2009, and this year at Jungle Island in April, Frost Museum in Florida International University in May, and the Botanical Garden in September. Each year a new group of artists paint their own ideas.

The cubes were displayed floating atop a lake in Fairchild Tropical Garden last year. This year at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden they were pinned down to the grass. Unfortunately, the gardeners had come right before the event on Thursday and attempted to move the cubes to cut the grass. To make matters even worse for the cube creators, it had rained earlier in the day as well, Estrems said.

Besides those two unfortunate occurrences, the cubes looked great illuminated by spotlights in the darkness of the night to show painted flowers, animals and even a littered ocean.

The next exhibition will be in San Antonio, Texas, from the 21st-22nd of October. According to the the PIAG museum website, the museum hopes that the many cube installations will not only bring awareness to the communities, but will also encourage environmental changes.


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