Dippin’ Low

Thomas Wesley Pentz, more widely known as Diplo, amassed a crowd of over 500 at BAR last Friday October 8th. Although supposedly a “secret” show, word of the free performance spread all over Twitter and Facebook and by the time it was night, friends of friends from all over Miami had heard of the show.

I know I described the Crystal Castles show as hot and packed, but this was a FREE show by a DJ who has worked with the likes of M.I.A. , Major Lazer, and La Roux and has created hit remixes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, CSS, Feist, Hot Chip, and so much more. To say the least, the inside of this teeny box of a bar was about 15 degrees hotter than the outside and whether you wanted to or not, the crowd swayed you to dance and mosh your way around.

While inside people were packed like sardines in a tin, many spectators opted for the picnic tables outside. Those who liked the breathing room could still enjoy Diplo’s set played on speakers outside.

The atmosphere at BAR was one I had never witnessed before. The venue is known for being chill and empty, with more of a neighbor’s party vibe than an actual club. On weekdays, you can find people playing board games over a beer, and on some weekends there might be a local band playing and some grilled cheeses or burgers being made out back.

But Friday night was unlike any other at BAR because of the overwhelming amount of people. The bar even added a plastic table bar outside.

Diplo played many popular, dance-inducing tracks, like Cali Swag District’s Teach Me How to Dougie and songs by Soulja Boy and Major Lazer.

Overall it was a fun night that will be hard for BAR to top.


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