“Taking it Slow”

Caribou fans in the Miami area got to hear the musician live Tuesday night at Grand Central, courtesy of Poplife. It was Daniel Victor Snaith’s, known by his stage name Caribou, first time to the area.

In live events, a band, consisting of Ryan Smith, Brad Weber and John Schmersal, accompanies Caribou, who plays percussion and some vocals. The band started their set of about eight songs with one of my personal favorites, “Leave House.”

The fairly large crowd for an Indie band gathered around the stage when the band came out, but while looking around I noticed how empty the rest of the venue was. The mellow, yet experimental sounds almost seemed lost in the vastness of the space. In my opinion, the place was a little too large. A more intimate atmosphere, like The Electric Pickle, would have probably been better.

Even so, the crowd seemed mesmerized by the intricate sounds of the guitar, bass and drums all intertwined with man-made effects on the synth.

At one point it became obvious that the people towards the middle of the crowd didn’t know much of Caribou’s music. Their constant “Whoops” and offbeat claps, as well as the drunken dancing of a group close by ruined the mood. But I just moved to the front, where actual fans were tapping their feet and nodding their heads.

When the band began playing their most recognizable song, Odessa, it seemed as if the audience raised their hands in sync and the atmosphere changed from relaxing to fun.

Each song melded perfectly with the next and their engaging sound made it an experience that you can’t get from just listening to their CD.  The rest of the crowd seemed to feel the same because they begged for an encore when the band was done. To my surprise, Caribou came back on stage and played a mesmerizing and extended version of “Bowls.”

With some tweaks in the songs, like drum breakdowns, I was thrilled with the performance and the chance to catch them live.

Lucky for High School students and other underage fans, the show was not only all ages but it also ended at around 12 because of its early start, perfect for those with class the next morning or a curfew.

The $17.50 presale or $2.50 more at the door was well worth it.


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