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More commonly referred to as a GBF, he isn’t your run of the mill best friend. He’s fashionable, brutally honest, witty, trustworthy, dependable, and fun. So much fun. From daytime activities, like shopping or happy hour, to nightly appearances to the hottest clubs, restaurants or gallery openings, your GBF is the perfect wingman. Sure he might steal your date, but it’s a much less painful burn than a girl friend pulling a robbery.

Besides giving you blunt truths on your weight gain or unacceptable shoe/purse combo, the GBF is like a walking Cosmo when it comes to cutthroat dating advice and even tips on how to please and keep your man. And on a rare occasion after too much Rosé, he even might let you use him as a practice dummy! It’s really the best of the best of both worlds: you get an amazing girlfriend who knows the ins and outs of everything and everyone AND you get the dependable boyfriend you can spend hours a night talking to about hair products without nagging your actual boyfriend who doesn’t care!

After gaining popularity in the 90s with the hit NBC sitcom “Will and Grace,” the first prime-time TV series to star openly homosexual lead characters, the benefits of having a GBF have become more and more appealing to women worldwide, reports CNN. Examples of this pairing of a ”stylish leading lady” and a gay boyfriend or gay best friend include: Christian and Cher in “Clueless,” Jenny Humphrey and Eric van der Woodsen in “Gossip Girl,” Janis Ian and Damien in “Mean Girls,” assistants Marc and Amanda in “Ugly Betty,” Ricky and Rayanne in “My So Called Life,” and, of course, Stanford and Carrie in “Sex and the City,” among many, MANY more.

The GBF phenomenon has become a flaming hot commodity not only in media representations, as Bryan Safi explored in an episode of “That’s Gay” on Current TV, but also in real life for women of all ages.

For example, in the Teen Vogue article, found on gawker.com, a seventeen-year-old, Maggie, loves having her GBF, Kevin, around.

“It’s nice because I don’t have to stress about Kevin developing feelings for me,” she says. “Pretty much every time I’ve formed a bond with a straight guy, he ended up being attracted to me, and I would wind up hurting him when he found out I didn’t feel the same way.”

Even professionals agree with the benefits of a GBF!

In the same Teen Vogue article, Jennifer Gray, a New York City psychologist with a Ph.D. who focuses on issues pertaining to human sexuality, says “Friendships between girls are often fraught with competition, whether it’s over looks, weight, boyfriends, or clothes.”

Instead of having to constantly stress about your girl frenemies, a GBF offers insight, honesty, and fun without the worry, says an article from The Daily Mail.

“A gay man notices everything, in the way that your girlfriends might but your man probably won’t,” Relate counselor Denise Knowles says in the article. “Gay men are generally able to laugh at themselves more easily. They have few fears about their own sexuality and fewer inhibitions, which gives them the freedom to have a giggle and be a bit outrageous, which we women love.”

Plus it’s not like it’s a one-way street without anything in it for the gays. According to John R. Ballew, a licensed professional counselor, states in an article from CNN: “From the perspective of gay men, women offer intimate friendship that is generally free from the complications of sexual interest.”

In case you’re still not convinced on what you’ve been missing, an article by Alida Nugent on the Sundance Channel website lists the “Top 10 reasons girls need gay best friends.” They include:

  1. Keeps male murder rate down– Instead of killing your ex, just replace him with someone you know will be better- a gay.
  2. Will never steal your date– Although this can happen on occasion, Nugent gives an example of why not to worry: “My gay friends will never do that because they know that straight men are mostly boring and lame and that other gay men are way, way more interesting anyway.”
  3. Girl friends are stressful– Amen.
  4. Parades– Don’t let it ever slip your mind that “Gay Pride Parades are without a doubt the most fun, most joyous, and most colorful and interesting parades out there,” Nugent writes.
  5. If gay men like you, you’re probably cool– Just don’t let it get to your head or your GBF will bring you right back down to earth.
  6. They never think you’re mean– Since they’re usually even sassier.
  7. Stupid people don’t know how great gays are– “And they don’t know what they’re missing,” Nugent includes.
  8. Sarah Palin rallies– Sure, okay why not?
  9. Reality checks– Oh he’ll tell it like it is and you better be able to handle it.
  10. Fake boyfriend– To ward off all the creeps and help you forget you’re lonely.

So now that you’ve realized what you’ve been missing out on you’re probably wondering how you can snag one of these arm candies. Simply follow the 5 easy steps in this Wikihow to and you’ll be able to stay warm AND trendy this winter!

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